What materials is the product made of?
All of our products are made of injection molded plastic. Some things contain metal parts.

What is the size of the hand cannon?
Dimensions of my products, excluding life-size robots, no miniature copies or key chains. The exact size is indicated in the product description.

Are there moving parts in your guns?

All products are more collectible or gift items and there are not so many moving parts, usually a drum, a cartridge, arms and a leg, if it is a robot.

Can we make a custom order?
Yes, of course, I make custom orders and I really love such orders, but at the moment there is a queue for custom or new orders that are not in the store.

How much does a new product cost?
The price of the new product will not differ much from the existing ones. Even the development of a new product will not affect the cost increase in any way.